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Tennessee soldier facing vehicular homicide charges

A soldier stationed at Fort Campbell was indicted recently in relation to an accident from last November that claimed the life of one person and injured another. The Tennessee man has been charged with vehicular homicide, seat belt violation, vehicular assault, driving under the influence and other charges. At the time of the accident, the defendant willingly submitted to a blood test, which resulted in a blood alcohol reading of .18 percent.

The fatal crash occurred at the intersection of 101st Airborne Division Parkway and Trenton Road in Clarksville. According to the accident report, the truck driven by the defendant crashed into a smaller vehicle. The rear of the smaller vehicle was trapped under the front of the truck and was propelled into the intersection. The driver was declared dead on site, and a passenger in the car was taken to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

The accused man apparently admitted to law enforcement that he had been drinking, and while he remembered getting in his truck, he did not remember any of the details of the crash. Since he is facing serious criminal charges, he must necessarily focus on protecting his rights and preparing a meaningful defense. An indictment does not constitute a conviction, and he remains protected by the presumption of innocence before the court.

Confronting vehicular homicide charges or drunk driving charges is not an easy task. Nevertheless, alongside experienced Tennessee criminal defense counsel, it is possible. Every criminal case is unique, and there is often another side to the story than what the formal charges purport to represent. Each defendant has the right to contest the accusations in order to seek a favorable result.

Source:, “Fort Campbell soldier faces multiple charges in fatal wreck“, Ray Howze, Feb. 5, 2016

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