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Tennessee woman charged with drunk driving after accident

Being taken into custody for any reason can be a difficult situation to address. When the charges come soon after suffering injuries, it can be an even more burdensome event with which to deal. However, drunk driving allegations may result after an injury-causing car accident, and a person may need to determine how he or she will address the various aspects of the predicament.

One woman in Tennessee may be facing such an issue after a recent accident. Reports stated that the woman was involved in a crash with another vehicle, but details on how the accident took place were not given in the report. She was taken to an area hospital and later released after receiving treatment. The driver of the other vehicle was considered to be in serious condition.

It was unclear what caused authorities to suspect that the woman was under the influence, but she was charged with DUI after being released from the hospital. It was noted that it was her second offense of this type. She also faced an allegation of disorderly conduct for an alleged incident that took place at the emergency room.

This Tennessee woman may feel confused about how she should proceed with her case. Fortunately, she could seek out information relating to her situation that may help her determine her viable options for defense. She has the opportunity to create and present a criminal defense against the drunk driving charges that have been brought against her. In order to ensure that she gains reliable information, she may wish to explore legal resources in her area.

Source: Franklin, TN Patch, “Franklin Woman Nabbed For 2nd DUI After Injury Crash“, J.R. Lind, April 12, 2018

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