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Tennessee woman charged with vehicular homicide

The public is often aware of the trauma that a victim can face shortly after an accident, but they are often not mindful of the hard months that follow an accident for those accused of causing it. The months leading up to the actual trial can be very hard on a person thrown into the criminal justice system. Unfortunately, a Tennessee woman was charged with vehicular homicide after she allegedly caused an accident that killed two people back in March.

Charges are now being brought against her in the aftermath of the Tennessee accident in Lawrence County. These accusations include two accounts of vehicular homicide as well as reckless endangerment. A police officer said that the indictments stemmed from a two-vehicle collision between an SUV operated by the accused woman and a motorcycle carrying a husband and wife. The wreck, which took place in Lawrenceberg, killed both people on the motorcycle.

The woman, as well as two others who were injured in the accident, were taken to hospitals. None of those individuals were considered to be in danger of losing their life. According to authorities, the woman drove her SUV into the back of the motorcycle while the cycle was at a stoplight heading east. The SUV thereafter crossed into the westbound lane and collided head-on with another vehicle.

As this case now heads to a criminal courtroom in Tennessee, the vehicular homicide accusations will take center stage. The burden of proof, however, will rest solely with the government. Before any conviction can be obtained, prosecutors must prove the charges by competent and relevant evidence that is said to be beyond a reasonable doubt. There is a substantial difference between an allegation of criminal conduct and a conviction after trial. Until — and only if — that occurs, the law presumes that this woman is innocent of all pending charges.

Source:, “Woman indicted in fatal crash,” Tom Smith, July 27, 2013

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