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The benefits of drug court programs

If you are currently facing a Tennessee drug charge, you may, justifiably, have concerns about whether you may have to spend time in prison and face other related penalties. Drug crimes often have serious consequences, but, depending on certain circumstances, you may be able to avoid jail time by instead participating in drug court.

Drug court offers you an alternative to imprisonment that may also help you beat reliance on drugs once and for all. Many offenses committed by addicts are directly related to their addictions, but drug courts recognize that by treating the addiction itself, the offender often becomes substantially less likely to commit other crimes. Additionally, the National Association of Drug Court Professionals report that drug courts offer the following, proven benefits:

They are cost-effective

Providing housing for addicts in the prison system can prove costly, but drug courts save $3,000 to $13,000 for each person who successfully completes them. Furthermore, research shows that, for every $1 invested in drug court, taxpayers save up to $27 once housing costs, medical care for prisoners and related expenditures are factored in.

They essentially force compliance

A drug addiction is just that – an addiction, and if drugs were easier to quit, you probably would. Drug courts offer the supervision and accountability you may need to get clean. Because of the serious nature of the alternative – serving jail time – you become more likely to comply with the program’s tenets than you might otherwise.

They reunite families

If your loved ones have struggled as a result of your drug dependence, participating in drug court may help improve your relationships. Parents are statistically twice as likely as a nonparent to graduate from a drug court program. Not only that, your children become less likely to spend substantial time in the care of foster families because of your willingness to complete drug court.

If you are facing a drug charge, find out whether you may be able to enroll in drug court. In addition to saving money, all but ensuring compliance and improving family relationships, it just may save your life.

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