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Vehicular homicide charges filed against Tennessee driver

A Tennessee mother and teacher is dead after a fatal accident involving a drunk driver. As a result, a 61-year-old woman is now facing multiple criminal charges, including vehicular homicide and driving under the influence. According to the accident report, there were three vehicles involved in the fatal accident.

The crash occurred along Oak Ridge Turnpike and Jefferson Avenue in Oak Ridge, and witness say that just before the accident, the driver was spotted driving erratically. Reports indicate that she drove on the sidewalk, hit a stop sign and ran through an intersection without stopping. In addition to the vehicular homicide charge, she also faces charges of leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving, violation of the implied consent law and more.

In the vehicle with the deceased was her 4-year-old daughter. At this time, the young girl is in the hospital for treatment of her injuries. The woman who was killed in the accident also leaves behind a husband and children. The investigation is still ongoing, but it is clear that the defendant is in a very serious legal situation. As she could face significant jail time, fines and other penalties, she would be wise to initiate a legal defense plan as soon as possible.

Vehicular homicide charges bring serious penalties if a defendant is convicted. Tennessee drivers who are facing charges related to drunk driving should take steps to protect their rights and interests by seeking defense help as soon as possible. This woman and others facing criminal charges are presumed innocent unless and until proved guilty and are afforded specific rights under the law.

Source:, “Woman charged with DUI, homicide after fatal crash“, May 9, 2016

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