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Vols O’Brien sentenced to community service for underage drinking

The Vols defensive lineman Danny O’Brien was recently arrested at a Knoxville apartment on multiple charges. The Knoxville police were called to the scene after the report of a disturbance at the domicile, and they discovered O’Brien along with seven other football players supposedly drinking and partying. O’Brien was charged with underage drinking as well as other offenses.

When the police arrived at the apartment, they supposedly arrested seven football players for various alcohol-related charges. O’Brien was accused of underage drinking, possessing a fake ID and resisting arrest. The details surrounding the events of that night and the arrests were not made available publicly. It is also unclear whether any tests were administered in an effort to determine O’Brien’s blood alcohol content.

During a hearing, the judge told O’Brien that if he could stay out of trouble until his next hearing on Aug. 14, the charges against him would be dropped. O’Brien must also complete 40 hours of community service during this time period. As long as O’Brien fulfills these stipulations, his position on the college football team may not be in jeopardy.

A case of underage drinking such as this one could have had a lot harsher consequences, but the judge chose to be lenient with O’Brien. The details surrounding this decision were not reported, but it certainly appears to be much more beneficial for the Knoxville athlete than a jail sentence. As O’Brien works to fulfill the stipulations of the judge’s leniency, he will need to ensure that his rights are protected and the proper procedures are followed so that the sentence is properly completed.

Source: NBC Sports, Tennessee defensive lineman ordered to community service, Kevin McGuire, Feb. 20, 2014

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