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What is recovery court and can it help?

Getting caught with drugs can hinder your future. You may wind up facing serious consequences depending on the type of drug and the circumstances under which the police found it.

If your situation applies, you may wind up in drug recovery court instead of going through criminal court. Keep in mind, recovery court is not an easy way out; thus, you need to take it seriously. See what taking this route in Tennessee may mean for you.

Eligibility for recovery court

Drug and alcohol addiction are rampant throughout the country. When the police find drugs on your person or find you under the influence, you may face serious charges. However, you may qualify for recovery court intervention versus jail time as long as your crime did not involve a violent element.

The goal of recovery court

Addiction can derail almost anyone as can criminal charges. Recovery court allows those charged with drug crimes to get help with dealing with their addiction in lieu of jail time. The goal is to push participants who choose this route to get the tools necessary to recover by incentivizing them with a clean record.

Treatment as an alternative to jail

If you believe recovery court is an easy way out, think again. Recovering from addiction is a difficult road to traverse. Doing so under court supervision adds a whole other layer. Some of the requirements in recovery court may include the following:

  • Frequent random drug testing
  • Attendance at mandatory drug treatment services
  • Constant monitoring by a court-appointed supervisor

If the supervisor sees signs that your recovery is not going well, or if you start missing meetings and tests, the court may subject you to immediate sanctions and penalties. You may wind up kicked out of the program and back in court or jail.

Addiction ruins many lives and leaves a trail of heartache. If you find yourself faces criminal drug charges, recovery court may help. Speak with your attorney about whether this is a viable option for your case.

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