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What penalties do Tennessee’s repeat DUI offenders face?

As someone facing a DUI charge in Tennessee, you may have valid concerns about the magnitude of the legal consequences you may face. While even first-time Tennessee DUI offenders face harsh penalties that could include jail time and steep fines, the penalties are even stricter with each subsequent DUI conviction.

So, what types of penalties and repercussions could you face as a Tennessee repeat DUI offender?

Penalties for second-time DUI offenders

Tennessee’s second-time DUI offenders face harsh punishments, and if you receive a conviction for a second DUI, you may have to spend anywhere from 45 days to almost year in jail, depending on your specific case.

You can also expect to face fines that fall somewhere between $600 and $3,500, and lose your license for at least two years. Furthermore, plan on enrolling in a substance abuse treatment program as part of your criminal penalties. You can also plan on having an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle at your own expense, among other possible consequences.

Penalties for third-time DUI offenders

As you can probably imagine, the severity of penalties you face following a DUI conviction tends to increase with each additional conviction. So, if you ever face a third DUI charge in Tennessee, you may face even harsher consequences if convicted.

In addition to spending somewhere between 120 days and just under a year behind bars, you may have to shell out between $1,100 and $10,000 in mandatory fines.

Additionally, you could be without a license for up to six years. Enrolling in a substance abuse treatment program and financing and installing an ignition interlock device on your vehicle can also be required.

Tennessee’s penalties for DUI offenders are considerable. If you face a first-time DUI charge or a repeat DUI charge and question the accuracy of your breath test or otherwise dispute the charge, a skilled criminal defense attorney can help.

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