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What should you know after a drunk driving accident?

The moment a Tennessee driver is arrested for drunk driving, it is important to take immediate action to properly confront the charges. Through careful examination, a lawyer with experience in defending against drunk driving charges can determine what legal and factual issues exist with the prosecution’s case. An aggressive defense should begin as soon as possible after an arrest.

When a person is pulled over for suspected drunk driving, law enforcement must follow proper protocol. There must be valid grounds for a traffic stop before a driver can be pulled over. A suspected drunk driver has rights, and the administration of any sobriety tests must be done properly. Any evidence gathered during the course of an lawful traffic stop, or after a driver’s rights have been violated in any way, could be grounds for certain evidence to be excluded at trial. Sometimes it may warrant a reduction or complete dismissal of charges.

After a drunk driving arrest, there are questions that should be asked in order to determine how to proceed with a defense strategy. Was the arresting officer properly trained to administer a sobriety test or use a Breathalyzer device? Was the Breathalyzer properly maintained and calibrated? Were there valid reasons for law enforcement to suspect drunk driving? By working with an attorney, you can understand how the answers to these questions will determine what legal options are available.

Those charged with drunk driving in Tennessee must carefully consider the potential consequences of a possible conviction. These are serious charges, even for a first-time offender, but a lawyer can explain how a driver can mitigate the repercussions of any mistake. If you have been arrested for drunk driving, we can provide an analysis of your case and identify a focused strategy according to the circumstances of the individual situation.

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Law Firm | TN

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