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White collar crimes: 2 charged with TennCare fraud

Crimes that have a financial impact can have far-reaching repercussions. As a result, when someone is accused of committing white collar crimes, the consequences of a conviction can be severe. When parties face such allegations, it is important that they understand their legal options.

It was recently reported that two women were arrested for fraud in Tennessee in separate events. One woman had apparently been using an address in the state to receive TennCare benefits when she actually lived out of state. However, she apparently moved into the state after already using the benefits. She is facing allegations of TennCare fraud and theft of services under $10,000, which are both considered class D felonies.

Another woman is facing TennCare fraud charges after allegedly allowing another individual to use her TennCare card. The person using the card was not enrolled in the benefits program and apparently used the woman’s card on 12 different occasions. As a result, TennCare paid approximately $7,500 for an individual not covered through the program. As a result, the woman is now facing allegations of TennCare fraud and identity theft.

Anyone could face allegations of white collar crimes, and it is important that these women and others facing this type of ordeal understand their legal options. The specifics of each individual case will affect their available defense strategies and other aspects of their cases. As a result, it could prove wise to focus on the exact criminal charges of a particular case and how they will be addressed in a Tennessee court.

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