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White collar crimes: Tennessee woman indicted for fraud

Facing accusations for any alleged criminal activity can have many people feel anxious. White collar crimes may feel particularly difficult to handle as federal charges can come with hefty consequences if a conviction takes place. When individuals have been charged with this type of allegation, they will certainly want to determine their best courses of legal action.

One woman in Tennessee is undoubtedly hoping to approach her case in a meaningful manner after recently being indicted. Reports stated that the woman is facing seven counts of wire fraud. If convictions occur for these charges, the court could sentence her to a maximum of 20 years in prison as well as $250,000 for each count of fraud. Of course, she has the right to defend against the allegations in hopes of avoiding such outcomes.

The allegations reportedly came about after a federal investigation into the woman’s actions. She apparently worked in the billing department of a hearing aid company as the account manager and allegedly placed funds meant for customer refunds into personal bank accounts. These actions purportedly resulted in her defrauding her employer of over $120,000.

By gaining information on white collar crimes, this Tennessee woman may be better able to understand her predicament. She may also feel more confident in determining how she may like to approach her criminal defense when addressing the allegations leveled against her. Utilizing local legal resources may allow her to ensure that she obtains reliable information pertaining to her case. It is also important to remember that she is presumed innocent until — and only if — she is convicted before a court of law.

Source: Brentwood, TN Patch, “Former Spring Hill Woman Charged With Wire Fraud Scheme“, Chris Gaudet, July 28, 2017

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