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Woman charged with drunk driving after running others off road

Making mistakes can have various consequences on a person’s life. If an individual forgets his or her lunch at home while heading to the office, that mistake likely has an easy fix. However, if a person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol, that mistake could lead to drunk driving charges and a serious legal predicament.

One woman in Tennessee is currently facing this type of ordeal. According to reports, authorities were alerted to a driver who was running other vehicles off the road. Apparently, the woman driving the vehicle was traveling partially in the right lane of the interstate and partially on the shoulder of the road. Details on how she ran other vehicles off the road or how many vehicles were affected were not given in the report.

Authorities caught up with the driver and conducted a traffic stop. She purportedly had multiple containers of alcohol inside her vehicle. Some of them were reportedly open and others were not. Officers apparently attempted to have the woman perform field sobriety tests, but she refused and allegedly stated that she was too drunk to participate. She was taken into custody on a charge of DUI.

Many people end up in this type of criminal situation. Still, this Tennessee woman may want to remember that her case is different from others and that she can work to find the best defense approach for her specific circumstances. Exploring her available criminal defense options to combat the drunk driving charge may help her put her best foot forward.

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Law Firm | TN

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