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Woman faces severe punishments in vehicular assault case

Tennessee readers may be aware of a case that has garnered a great deal of media attention in recent days. A woman from Blount County has been arrested after an incident in which two parked cars and a pedestrian were struck. Authorities allege that the woman fled the scene of the accident and was eventually discovered attempting to hide in a nearby doghouse. She now faces a range of punishments in the matter and has been charged with multiple crimes.

The incident took place in Alcoa, when police assert that a woman was driving home after a period of time spent drinking in an area bar. The crash occurred near the intersection of Hemlock Street and Grant Street, and a nearby resident reportedly saw the vehicle crash into a parked car and then proceed to strike another parked vehicle. The resident approached the scene and allegedly saw a woman emerge from one of the vehicles.

The presumed driver had blood on her face, and the resident attempted to get her to sit down. The woman returned to her vehicle, however, and attempted to leave the scene. At some point during that attempt, the resident was allegedly struck by the car and knocked to the ground. At that point, the driver exited the vehicle and left the scene on foot. Police arrived and used a K-9 officer to track the woman to a nearby doghouse.

The driver required emergency medical treatment for the injuries she sustained in the incident. She faces serious criminal charges in the matter, including vehicular assault, driving with a revoked license, DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. There is no word on whether sobriety testing or breath analysis were completed on the scene. As the Tennessee case moves forward, the woman will need to take an aggressive legal stance in the matter if she wishes to avoid a range of serious potential punishments.

Source:, “Police say drunk driver hid in dog house after hitting parked cars“, Steven Powell, March 18, 2015

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