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Woman facing charges for multiple white collar crimes

Most people go through life thinking that they will not end up in police custody. However, many people do wind up under arrest for various crimes, and some parties may face accusations of white collar crimes. These crimes often have a financial element and can include different types of fraud.

It was recently reported that one woman in Tennessee was indicted on multiple criminal charges. Apparently, the woman is accused of selling insurance without a license. Her family reportedly owns an insurance business, which is where she allegedly sold policies. She was taken into custody at her home after being under investigation for fraud and other criminal acts, including money laundering, forgery and impersonating a licensed professional.

She is now facing over 70 counts of criminal activity. Among the charges are 30 counts of impersonating a licensed professional, 14 counts of money laundering, five counts of fraudulent insurance acts and numerous others. The bond amount was set at $100,000, but it was unclear whether the woman was still in custody at the time of the report.

Facing so many criminal charges undoubtedly has this Tennessee woman’s head reeling. She may worry that she will not be able to handle the accusations of white collar crimes that she faces, but it is important to remember that she has legal rights and can create and present a criminal defense against the allegations if she wishes to do so. In efforts to find the best ways to handle her predicament, she may want to thoroughly review the charges and her available defense options.

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