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Woman facing drug charges after landing at Tennessee airport

Some individuals may end up facing criminal charges due to an unfortunate turn of events. Though they may have not fully realized that they were part of a criminal act, they could still end up facing allegations. In some cases, parties may have drug charges brought against them if substances are allegedly located in their possession, even if they had no knowledge of the drugs.

One woman was recently taken into custody in Tennessee due to similar circumstances. Reports stated that the woman had gotten on an airplane in another state and landed at the Nashville International Airport. For unknown reasons, her luggage was considered suspicious before she boarded the plane for takeoff. As a result, when she arrived at her destination, she was met by agents from th Drug Enforcement Administration.

The DEA agents searched her luggage and allegedly discovered 50 pounds of marijuana and 5 pounds of cocaine. The woman stated that she did not know the drugs were in her luggage as she had been paid $1,000 to transport the luggage to Nashville. She was reported as being 21 years old, and it was not mentioned who may have purportedly paid her. Nonetheless, she was taken into custody on charges of drug possession with intent to distribute.

Landing in a serious legal situation can leave many people feeling anxious and frightened. The young woman involved in this incident undoubtedly wants to handle the drug charges brought against her in the best manner possible. In order to find her most feasible courses of defense, she may wish to obtain information from local Tennessee legal sources.

Source: Nashville, TN Patch, “Cocaine, Pot Discovery Leads To Nashville Airport Arrest“, J.R. Lind, Jan. 5, 2018

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