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Woman facing drug charges after traffic stop in Tennessee

A normal day can easily turn into a much more serious one if a driver is pulled over by a police officer. In many cases, the traffic stop may not lead to much more than a speeding ticket, but in other instances, officers may suspect more wrongdoing. As a result, a person’s normal day could end with him or her facing drug charges.

This type of scenario recently befell a woman in Tennessee. Reports stated that a police officer conducted a traffic stop that allegedly revealed that the woman was driving on a suspended license. It was unclear what led to the stop in the first place. Police also purportedly found drug paraphernalia, which led to them to request a search of the woman’s vehicle.

The woman allegedly consented to the search, and police reportedly found methamphetamine in the vehicle. As a result, the driver was taken into custody on multiple but unspecified charges. She was reported as being 30 years old. At the time of the report, she was still in custody, and additional information may be available at a later time as the situation is still under investigation.

The woman taken into custody may want to fully assess her situation. She may find it helpful to take a close look at the actions taken during the traffic stop to assess whether the officers followed correct procedures. Additionally, she may want to find out more information on the exact drug charges she faces and her possible criminal defense options. Utilizing local Tennessee legal resources may help her with this endeavor.

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