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Woman found sleeping in her car charged with drunk driving

A woman was arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) after Tennessee law enforcement found her sleeping in her car. A police officer noticed the woman sitting in her car, asleep, at a local gas station. The woman reportedly displayed signs of intoxication, including difficulty speaking clearly. She was arrested for drunk driving after she refused to submit to a blood alcohol test.

According to the report, the woman admitted to drinking before taking a prescription medication. She was asked to submit to field sobriety tests, during which she had difficulty balancing and completing the tasks. Police officers obtained a warrant, and she was taken to an area hospital where a mandatory blood test was administered.

The woman has a history of drunk driving arrests, including two previous DUIs in Tennessee. Despite her criminal record and law enforcement’s account of her behavior, the woman has yet to be convicted of any crime. Unless she is convicted of the charges against her, the driver remains innocent in the eyes of the law.

Those arrested for suspected drunk driving should note that anything said to police officers can be used by the prosecution against the defendant. The penalties associated with drunk driving convictions are serious, and these charges should be confronted by a strategic defense. Those arrested for suspected drunk driving are entitled to certain protections of the law, including the right to a defense. To ensure that all rights are protected, it is wise to seek assistance from a qualified defense attorney before speaking with police or accepting the terms of a plea deal.

Source:, “Maryville woman found slumped over steering wheel, charged with DUI“, Wes Wade, May 31, 2015

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