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Woman, man accused of white collar crimes in Tennessee

Some individuals may find themselves accused of trying to exploit others for financial gain. These types of activities are often referred to as white collar crimes and can include actions like fraud and money laundering, among others. The penalties that come along with a conviction for such crimes can be severe, and parties who have been accused will certainly want to do their part to reach the best possible outcomes.

It was recently reported that two individuals in Tennessee are facing accusations for white collar crimes involving residents of a senior living facility. Reports indicated that the now former operator of the center and a nurse practitioner allegedly exploited some of the home residents for personal gain. The former operator reportedly used the residents’ financial assets for her own purposes, and she and the nurse practitioner obtained residents’ medications for personal use.

These actions purportedly took place from 2016 though 2018, and authorities began an investigation into the situation before taking the operator and nurse practitioner into custody. It was not mentioned what caused initial suspicions to arise. Nonetheless, the two were arrested and are facing a number of allegations, including financial exploitation, obtaining controlled substances by fraud, money laundering and others.

These individuals may have a long road ahead of them when it comes to addressing their cases. Because white collar crimes can come with severe punishments in Tennessee, they undoubtedly want to work toward avoiding convictions for the allegations they face. Each party must contend with his or her own separate charges, and therefore, it is in their best interests to consider the legal options that each feels personally comfortable following.

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