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Young man facing felony DUI after brush with FBI

A routine traffic stop in Tennessee recently ended up being much more than authorities bargained for. They pulled a man over for what they believed to be a routine DUI and ended up booking him on a felony DUI. More federal charges may be forthcoming.

Authorities pulled the man over on suspicion of DUI, which was confirmed, though the exact blood alcohol content was not reported. They also reportedly found him to be in possession of marijuana, although the amount he was in possession of was also not reported. What they were not suspecting, however, was to find three Molotov cocktails in the man’s backpack, which was apparently in the car with him.

Upon questioning him at the police station, the man allegedly admitted to having more of the homemade devices at his home, which was actually his family’s house. Local authorities, along with the FBI, proceeded to search the family home. They reportedly recovered 13 more devices.

Naturally, the last thing authorities expected to encounter during their routine stop was a homemade arsenal of weapons. The young man now faces a felony DUI due to the combined charges. While it is likely a scary situation for him, gaining an understanding of how Tennessee law actually protects his rights may help him feel better prepared for the trial he’s facing. He is, after all, entitled to a fair trial where it is up to the prosecution to prove his guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt. Until that happens, he is considered innocent in the eyes of the law.

Source:, Molotov cocktails found during traffic stop, No author, Dec. 29, 2013

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